"My sophomore year I gained a lot of confidence in myself. I believed in myself. Once I knew I was capable of big things, everything started falling into place. Another thing was I worked out at The Body Club and it helped with my strength and explosiveness..."
Madi Fisher, Charleston High School Varsity soccer player
(Source: Times Courier article 2/12/14)

My name is Don Dawson and I workout at the Body Club by getting professional fitness and nutrition advice from an outstanding professional staff of personal trainers. I enjoy having my fitness goals met by my trainer Mr. Frank Benik. Frank knows my goals and needs and has built a program for me to achieve my goals. He is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and very passionate about getting you to achieve your goals within your time frame. I highly recommend coming to the Body Club and asking for a free consultation with one of the great professional trainers that work there. You will not get fit unless you know how to get fit with one of the outstanding trainers at the Body Club.
Don Dawson (Get Fit For Life)

Jen has helped me train for many phases of my life. From getting ready to walk down the aisle on my wedding day to preparing to welcome my son into the world, Jen has worked to tailor my training to my individual needs. Not only does Jen train my body, but my sessions with her help train my soul, as well! Nothing helps me feel better than a serious, butt-kicking session with her!!
Robyn Carr


I joined The Body Club at the end of September, 2012. I had two goals when I joined: to change my lifestyle for better health and to be fit enough to run a 5K. I was paired with Personal Trainer Stephanie Zock. At our initial appointment we discussed my goals, medical issues, and measurements were taken including weight, height and circumference of arms, chest, waist and hips. I had over 100 pounds to lose, and I was determined to attain my goals.

I have worked with Stephanie once a week to learn how to change my lifestyle and become more active. She has taught me appropriate stretching with dynamic warm-ups and strength training by using my own body weight and yoga poses. I use what she has taught me during that session and continue to exercise at home two more times a week and walk/run, also. As I have become physically stronger, Stephanie has included the use of weights into my training.

At times I’ve had many questions regarding strength training, how certain movements and exercises work, how muscle rebuilds, how our bodies need recovery time for muscles to strengthen and how nutrition and metabolism is an essential part of this transformation. She is patient, insightful and encouraging when guiding me through my exercises. Stephanie is a true professional.

By the end of December, I had lost three inches around my waist, two inches around my hips and more than 40 pounds. My strength and balance has improved greatly and I can now run a 5K.

The Body Club has a friendly environment and is safe and clean. Each week I look forward to my time to exercise. I learn more in each session and continue to ask questions so I can truly understand what my body is going through and how it is changing.

I encourage anyone who is considering changing their lifestyle and becoming more fit to call The Body Club in Charleston. There are people of all ages, sizes and experience taking time to work on their health and they are being led by experienced professionals. It is truly wonderful to see and I walk out of there feeling energized every time.

Jessi Duzan-Johnson

Morgan is an outstanding trainer. In addition to always demonstrating how much she loves her job with a positive, enthusiastic, but not annoying attitude, Morgan has a really solid knowledge of how to work with clients of varying fitness levels. She pushes and challenges without overwhelming and in only three months, has helped me to lower my blood pressure, lose weight, and increase my stamina. I look forward to working with her for a very long time and seeing what my body can become.

Roxane Gay

I have been working out with Jennifer for a little over 5 years. I really never exercised before starting with Jen. I don't really enjoy exercising, it's definitely not my passion. BUT, Jennifer makes it fun! She has a great personality and encourages me during each workout. I have become stronger and more coordinated. I'm definitely in better shape than I was five years ago. Jennifer is a great trainer and I consider her a good friend! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trainer. You won't be disappointed!

Debbie Sparks

I have been very pleased and excited about my time with Stephanie Zoch, trainer from The Body Club. When I started about 6 months ago I was not sure if the program was for me, my chiropractor had suggested that I could benefit from the strengthening of a proper workout program. It took me several weeks to make up my mind to do something.  When I contacted James at The Body Club he suggested that I would enjoy working with Stephanie, after our first session I knew he had matched me with the right person.  She really understands my limitations and my needs very well.  During our time together I have benefited from weight loss and more energy.  She encourages me to eat right, does not scold me like a child, but encourages me to do better.  Her constant change in my workout has kept the program interesting to me, she also knows what is right for me, and I think this is due to the fact that she sets a good example by eating right and working out herself. I have been very pleased with the results I have had with Stephanie and The Body Club. The other staff members and clients are very friendly and we all truly enjoy ourselves.     

Linda Seeley


I started with The Body Club and Jeff Willardson a little over a year ago. I have lost over 50 pounds. I also feel more physically fit than I have ever felt in my life. I am 36 years old.

Mike Binion

I have been training at The Body Club for 4 months now. It started as a gift from my mother. She set up a consultation and purchased a month’s worth of training for me.  The consultation was everything it was supposed to be. It was a no pressure situation where the trainer gets to know a little about you; previous training, work related activity, goals, and some generic health history. James was very professional and answered all the questions I asked. Also, the Body Clubs facility is well diversified in equipment to use for cardio, weight training, and many other aspects of fitness.

Secondly, the consultation was a chance to meet Morgan Kemp, my personal trainer. From the start I knew I would like her. Morgan is upbeat, funny, and extremely knowledgeable in fitness. We talked about my goals of Hypertrophy (bigger muscles) and she had a great regiment and plan to acclimate me to a new routine. Since week one of my mother’s one month gift I have been hooked. Morgan knows when to change it up and add new lifts to the plan. She has a hawk eye for form, which is good for me since mine can go downhill slightly when I get tired. I looked forward to every time I am scheduled to be in the gym. Morgan’s workout plan has produced so much success for me in the three complete months she has trained me. The first reevaluation of my body showed significant decreases in body fat%, BMI, and inches from my body.  Also, I saw great gains in strength, muscle definition, and energy. I am extremely happy with The Body Club and Morgan. I would recommend both the Body Club as a great place to start, continue, or restart a fitness plan to achieve ones goals and I would and do highly recommend Morgan as personal trainer to anyone who is looking to get in shape, achieve ones goals in general, or wants a trained professional to help them.  Looking forward to all the success that will come!

Thanks Body Club and Morgan Kemp

 Kavilan McClain 


If you or your child are looking to stay injury free or simply "tone-up," I can't recommend Jeff Willardson enough.  He has not only been amazing at improving my son's body mechanics, but has also been a great mentor to him. Before Colton started training with Jeff, he was having knee pain while running.  Since running is his passion, I felt like we needed to address it immediately.  He has no knee pain now and managed to stay injury free during his freshman year of cross country.  I have no doubt that strengthening his whole body is what helped him to have an amazing injury free season.  Jeff has a very easy going personality which is a nice fit for Colton.  He has also been very inspirational to him.  He thinks that he may want to be a Kinesiology professor like Jeff someday.  Going to the Body Club two days a week is the highlight of his week.

Cindy McGrady



For the past five years, I have been training with Jennifer at The Body Club in Charleston, Illinois. My experience there has been a fantastic one, and I think that Jennifer is an A-one trainer in every aspect. She is extremely dedicated to her clients and cares about their individual needs. I do not believe that she has ever used the same exact workout with me over the course of those five years. She is always very well prepared, keeps records of her clients’ workouts, and addresses any physical problems or limitations they might be experiencing. Jennifer taught junior-high students for several years, and it shows in her training at The Body Club. She explains, demonstrates, and makes sure that her clients do the exercises correctly. She wants each and every person she works with to have a good, injury-free workout--with positive results. In my mind, she is just THE BEST!

 Mary Kay Hencken

"I went to The Body Club because I had trained with James 20 years ago. A career in landscaping and age had taken a toll on my body. At 63, I had difficulties with balance, posture, strength, and back and leg pain. I walked daily but I did not think I could do any type of weightlifting or training now.
I met Jeff Willardson. Jeff has guided my strength training along step by step. He knew when to add a new element and when to repeat training. Jeff uses a wide range of fitness moves starting slow with exercises using my own body weight as resistance.
Jeff studies my reactions and adjusts my training at each session, concentrating on the way I do each exercise, not how much. I am doing fitness moves I did not think possible, never causing me to be overly sore or stiff. As a result, I am now walking straighter without tripping. My endurance in doing things with the family, driving longer distances, even playing with our dogs more often is growing. I am glad that at my age I am gaining, not losing strength. The atmosphere of The Body Club and the staff are professional but relaxed."
Steve Franklin

"Jim has been working with me for almost 18 years, and throughout those years, has helped me set and achieve various goals. Jim is a great trainer. He recognizes when my body is not responding as it should and errors on the side of caution if there is a problem. In addition, his knowledge on nutrition encourages me to make better food choices. I always feel better after my workouts and go home from the gym with a sense of newfound energy. Plus the atmosphere in the gym is fun, and I enjoy the fellowship. When you come into The Body Club, the trainers and other clients make you feel welcomed, and when you leave they always acknowledge you."
Jo Cutright

"During my time being trained by Jeff I have received nothing but the highest quality training. He has the knowledge to put me through the safest and most efficient workouts each session. Under his watch, I have been able to safely drop 40+ lbs. While I was preparing for my fight last January, Jeff showed unwavering support and really went above and beyond my expectations, for this I cannot thank him enough. In addition to the support he has shown, he is able to adapt to my ever-changing training goals and modify my workout to my desired purpose. For example, while training for my fight, he created workouts that were focused on creating explosive power and endurance. Now we have switched gears, and are focusing more on aesthetics.
I highly recommend being trained by Jeff. Between his expertise in exercise science, and professionalism, you can be certain to receive high quality training."
Joseph Hackney

"Jen is so much more to me than just my trainer. She is my lifeline. I get much more than a great workout when I come to see Jen at The Body Club.She is my friend, my counselor, my motivation, my sounding board, my nutrition coach, or whatever I need at the moment. The 3 days I come train with Jen at The Body Club are the highlight of my week. There is never a dull moment during my workout. We laugh, sweat, work hard, and have a great time! I also credit Jen for my post rehab success with my hip replacement and my shoulder repair surgeries. She has great knowledge in that area. In both cases, she has used her expertise to develop a functional program that works wonders for me in strengthening my muscles, and keeping my joints flexible and mobile. Now, I find I have much better range of motion and less pain in my joints. Jen is a terrific trainer. It is obvious that she has a passion for her work she does at The Body Club."
Stephanie Hamner

"My wife and I have enjoyed training with Jeff Willardson at the Body Club for over a year now. Dr. Willardson is always encouraging and cheerful. We look forward to our hour-long training sessions and are pleased with the results which have included substantial improvements in both stamina and strength."
Frank and Chris McCormick

 "Since joining The Body Club, Nate has increased his strength, speed and endurance over the last semester.  His goal is to play baseball and after rehabbing a broken leg, The Body Club Trainers provided necessary instruction to meet that goal and help him improve beyond the injury. Nate enjoys the training and will continue reaching his goals through The Body Club!"
Kevin Linker (Nates father)

I have been working with Stephanie Zoch at the Body Club for approximately 10 months. Prior to working with Stephanie, I had started working out and running on my own. However, I soon hit a wall and realized I needed professional help to reach my goals of weight reduction and running a 5K. Since both of my sons utilized the Body Club I spoke to Jim and he recommended Stephanie. I have been very pleased with my results since my training began with Stephanie. I have improved in every category; stamina, endurance, weight loss, reduction in body fat, and at this point have exceeded my goal of running a 5K. In addition, I travel weekly and Stephanie designs my work outs to utilize equipment you would find in a typical hotel fitness center. Stephanie is a pleasure to work with and highly recommend her as a personal trainer.

David Runyon

My name is Caroline ZuHone and I have done one-on-one sports performance training at the Body Club for almost 2 years. Recently, my tennis coach told me that my endurance, movement, strength, and almost all aspects of my tennis game have improved greatly. He told me that my level of play has gone up drastically. I credit the great coaching and time spent training at the Body Club for contributing to my improvement.

Caroline ZuHone,  Mattoon High School Varsity Tennis Player

Fitness and weightlifting is my number one outlet and hobby. I was struggling and frustrated due to a back injury (L4/L5) and later a neck injury (C5/C6). Both of these injuries caused extreme amounts of pain and limited my daily activities. With all the pain, limitations and not being able to work out it brought me down emotionally. After numerous attempts of failed physical therapy, rehab exercises and multiple doctor visits, I then reached out to James Di Naso. James was able to diagnose the areas that needed strengthening and tailored workouts designed especially for me. Not only do I enjoy the training aspect, but his professional guidance and understanding boosted my confidence and well-being, as well as created a bond and trust in my trainer. James is not only a trainer, but a positive form of energy. At the end of the day, we both reached our goals in strengthening the problem areas which has allowed me to live pain free and enjoy life as I once did. I could not have of done this without a wonderful trainer! I still use James today as a trainer to reach my personal fitness goals.
 Kendall Stacey-Moore

When I think of Jen Carter, words like “dedicated,” “knowledgeable,” and “personable” come to mind. These are all wonderful character traits and something that one would want in a personal trainer. However, what I believe has kept me coming to The Body Club is that Jen listens. She’s asked me about my goals and what I would like to change about my physique. From there, she’s developed challenging yet beneficial workouts that keep me coming back for more! I can count on her to be there for our appointments with a positive attitude and a smile, ready to motivate me to be my best. I feel faster and stronger now in my late 30s than I remember feeling in my 20s. The work is tough, but it’s also a lot of fun!
 Christina Edmonds-Behrend

I've been working with Stephanie Zoch for about nine months. When I came into the Body Club, I was overweight and frustrated with my inability to lose weight. Stephanie has been very helpful. She developed a workout plan specific to my needs and goals. During our time together I have lost 10 pounds and 3 pant sizes! One additional benefit is that I have started to become more confident and believe in myself again as I become stronger and more healthy. Stephanie is patient and encouraging during our workouts. I do appreciate learning about nutrition and she often emails articles regarding that or other concerns I may have regarding health. I can see that she cares about me and her other clients as well. I consider myself a "work in progress" as I continue my journey to good health. Every day I am thankful that James paired me with Stephanie as she has been a wonderful trainer.
Thank you,
Cathy Wagner

I've been working with Stephanie for just under a year, and I have seen
amazing results in that time. When I met her, my goal was to feel pretty in
my wedding dress---she helped me get there and even came to my wedding to
see me in the dress! I've never felt stronger or healthier. Stephanie is
passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she
brings to every session. She is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and
nutrition. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed,
comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, and she also
ensures I have correct form with each exercise. She motivates me to push
past my perceived limits to get results. I have increased energy, and my
balance and flexibility have improved immensely. Even though my wedding was
a few months ago, I will continue to work with Stephanie because I love the
way she's helped me feel so good. If you are serious about changing your
life for the better, Stephanie will lead you every step of the way.

Beth Hoedebecke

I began working out with Jen in 2004. I sought her expertise when I hit a plateau in the level of fitness I was achieving on my own, and I have been training with her ever since! Jen's approach has been everything I needed, and so much more. The programs she develops for me are goal oriented, and customized to meet my specific needs. Jen has reshaped my body through strength training. Originally, I was hoping to flatten my stomach and tone my upper arms. I got that and so much more! I never imagined it possible to broaden my shoulders and narrow my hips. It’s like I have a new body! Jen creates full body workouts for me. She uses her knowledge of physiology and body mechanics to vary the exercises, as well as other factors like the intensity, to continuously challenge my muscles to improve. Working with Jen has allowed me to burn fat, lose weight, build muscle, increase strength, gain flexibility, and improve bone density. It is fun to flex and extend muscles that I didn't know I had! My clothes fit well, and I feel wonderful!!

 Jen's positive attitude, kindness, and relaxed energy are a great source of encouragement. She reduced all my anxieties about going to a gym. Now, I am able to use a combination of weight machines, free weights, and some innovative "gym toys" with confidence. Plus, no training program would be complete without proper nutrition, and Jen has given me valuable insights into how the body really responds to the foods that will help me increase and maintain muscle mass. I have implemented her suggestions and had great success.  I experience increased energy and enjoy more restful sleep, too.

 It is apparent that Jen's own level of health and fitness is a model for everything she teaches her clients. In every way, Jen provides the tools and structure her clients need to be healthy and successful.

 Malinda Sawyer

"My family has been involved in training at the Body Club on and off for several years. My two teenage kids have gained significant confidence and improvement in their athletic abilities while working with Jim and Maranda. For me personally I started back training at the Body Club in May of this year with Jeff Willardson. Jeff came highly recommended from a co-worker that had a son training with him. When I contacted Jeff I was frustrated because I had hit a plateau in my attempts to improve my health. I figured since I was over 40 I might just be stuck where I was. With Jeff's help I was able to bust through my old plateau and have since lost several more pounds. I greatly appreciate Jeff's technical expertise and positive re-enforcement both from a workout and a nutritional stand point. But what I like the best is training with someone that is obviously living the healthy lifestyle I want to have. I would strongly recommend both Jeff and the Body Club ." 


Don W. Davis

Mattoon, Illinois

Jennifer Carter is an awesome trainer, she makes exercising fun. I am one of those people who previously disliked to exercise but now that I have trained with her I miss the workouts when I can't attend. She always makes me feel like I am doing a good job.

Sharon Young



Jennifer is a good trainer because she evaluates your body and adapts the workout for your needs.  She is very encouraging and challenging in the workout sessions.   She's a great trainer and a very nice person.  Her encouragement has helped me advance my physical condition at times of trouble with arthritis.


Judy Jones



"I had 30-plus girls show up at open gyms," Lancaster said. "They put in the time. Jim DiNaso from the Body Club worked four days a week with them. We'll win some games on our athleticism alone. In the other games where the other team has as much athleticism as us we'll have to think the game.

Charleston High School Varsity Volleyball Coach Beth Lancaster

(Source: Times Courier article 8/26/11)


Bower also noted the progress in the two years she received help from personal trainer James Di Naso. "I got a lot stronger," she said. "I've been able to get faster. It has really helped me step up in the sport."
Sarah Bower, Charleston High School Varsity soccer player and scholar athlete.

(Source: Times Courier article 8/6/11)

"Last year before Noah began attending the Body Club he struggled to be a consistent baseball player. After working with Jim & Kelsey since February Noah has become quicker, stronger, and a more all around player for his baseball team Pilson’s Auto. Last year he struggled to consistently hit the ball, and this year he is hitting the ball to the outfield warning track. As a catcher Noah’s endurance has improved to a point where he often plays catcher for the entire game and several times has had to catch double header games in the summer heat.  Noah enjoys working out each week to get better and better, and is looking forward to seeing the difference in football & wrestling this year." 


Rob Patterson, Noah's Dad




Technique-wise I think I've improved a ton and my strength is so much better because of Jim DiNaso's gym," she said. "He improved my first-step quickness. That helps a ton in tennis."

Kelsie Abolt, Charleston High School Varsity tennis player and state qualifier.

(Source: Times Courier article 10/20/10)


"She credited Jim Di Naso and Maranda Rehg's training help to her success."

Deb Wolf, Senior Olympic games competitor, on her gold winning performances in the 100 and 200 meter dash at the Illinois Senior Olympics national qualifier.

(Source: Time Courier article 10/10/10)



"I never realized how big of a difference lifting weights could make. I started training at The Body Club my sophmore year in high school. I have been training there since and have noticed a huge improvement in my strength, speed, and footwork. I am able to make quicker turns and jump much higher. Because of being in the program I was able to be the best athlete I was capable of being." 


Brittany O'Dell, former Charleston High School Varsity basketball and soccer player and Eastern Illinois University soccer goalie



The coach pointed to more than just golf practice in preparing for the season.


"Two girls worked out at The Body Club and have gotten so much stronger working with Jim Di Naso," Landsaw said. "They have gotten stronger hitting the ball and I'm hoping this will help avoid injuries. Shoulder and back injuries, that's what they seem to get."


Charleston High School Womens' Golf Coach Deb Landsaw on Ashley Snoody and Mary Jackson

(Source: Times Courier article 8/13/10)



"For the past year, I have been going to The Body Club for sports training and sports rehabilitation. This past year I have seen my overall athletic ability grow tremendously including: improvement in my vertical jump, more muscle mass, better coordination, and increased speed.  After undergoing ACL reconstruction surgery, James helped me rehab. There is no doubt that he has helped me see the soccer field twice as fast because of his knowledge of training techniques.  I wish I would have started training at The Body Club years ago."


Aaron Smith, former Charleston High School Varsity soccer player and Heartland Community College soccer goalie



“For the past year, I’ve been going to The Body Club for training, and in that year my skills have grown exponentially.  As an athlete, James has helped me become faster, stronger, and more coordinated by working on my muscle strength and endurance. With James’ extensive knowledge of training techniques I’ve been able to progress further in my athletic abilities.” 


Holly Wohltman, Charleston High School Varsity basketball player




“Her biggest improvement came in the off season. She spent a lot of time with Jim Di Naso of The Body Club (Charleston). That is where she gained the most with her strength…”

Charleston High School Varsity Basketball Coach Jeff Miller on Holly Wohltman
(Source: Times Courier article 3/18/09)



In addition, Lancaster has seen strides taken by Rose, O’Dell and Coffey who worked out this summer under the coaching of Team Body Club’s Jim Di Naso. “Jim Di Naso has turned them into athletes,” Lancaster said. “I wish my whole team went to him.”

Charleston High School Varsity Volleyball Coach Beth Lancaster on seniors Emily Rose, Brittany O’Dell, and Brandi Coffey

(Source: Times Courier article 8/26/09)